AM-01 Repeat Gear Set For all repeats

AM-02 Colour pump(standard)

Am-03 Colour pump(Heavy duty)

Am-04 diaphragm pneumatic pump

Am-17 tension spring & cap

Am-18 U-Block for squeegee pipe setting

Am-05 Quikc change coupling (entry)

Am-06 End Plug socket(closing)

Am-07 Rod Guide Bracket

Am-08 pipe fitting bracket

Am-21 Universal Bridge Assembly Pump Side for 64,82,91.4 cms repeats

Am-22 Bridge Assembly Pump Side for 64 cms repeat

Am-09 Probe Holder

Am-10 Pump Nipple

Am-11 Screen guide bearing and pin

Am-12 screen tesnion bearing assembly (jumper)

Am-19 diagonal setting assembly & knob

Am-20 Universal Bridge Assembly Drive Side For 64,82,91.4 cms repeats

Am-13 setting & holding bracket

Am-14 s.s pitchkari (hand pump)

Am-15 Magnet beam

Am-16 Coil magnet

Am-23 Bridge Assembly Drive Side 64 cms repeat

Am-24 screen setting assembly

Am-25 screen setting assembly

Am-26 Universal Screen setting assembly

Am-28 Universal Screen setting assembly

Am-28 screen guide bearing beacket a-90 mm center,b-115 mm center

Am-41 Muff coupling

Am-42 22 t - helical gear having 45mm & 30 mm bore

Am-29 screen guide nearing bracket

Am-30 aluminum patla pump side & drive side

Am-31 alu, Bracket pump/ drive side

Am-32 a complete duplex gear box assembly

Am-45 brush segment

Am-46 wiper rubber

Am-33 main shaft duplex gear box type

Am-34 88 t / 31 t gear ser for main gear box for lx / mb

Am-35 main fabricated gear box

Am-36 printing unit lifting bewel box

Am-43 ecentric type 6205 , 6206 bearing

Am-44 washing brush roll complete

Am-37 Hand wheel

Am-38 Screen drive gear shaft (top shaft ) length 282,298,305,350,& others

Am-39 screen drive gear(44t)

Am-40 Fork assembly

Am-47 pressure roller air cylinder

Am-48 doctor blade assembly for thermoplast / blanket washing

Am-49 gear box for doctor blade

Am-50 spare worm & worm wheel

Am-51 micro setting assembly

Am-52 colour lavel probe

pneumatic cylinder

am- 53 single helical gear set for pump

am- 54 b-s. s.elbow

am-55 magnet beam support bracket

am-56 colour feedign pipe assembly

am-57 rotary filler switch (micro)

am-58 Dryer blower

am-59 blower drive shaft assembly

am-60 air cylinder for head lifting

squeege roads in all lengths 6 m.m. dia. to 30 m.m dia

am-61 laxmit to stork adapter ring

am-62 endring 640 rpt. to 1680 rpt

am-63 new electronic blanket centring unit

am-64 push pull valve


Squeegee Rods in all Lengths
6 m.m. Dia. to 30 m.m. Dia

  • Hollow Squeege rods
  • Knurled Squeegee rods
  • Plain Squeegee rods

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